An engine not only requires fuel in order to function, but also oxygen through an air supply, to mix with the fuel in the combustion chamber. An air filter is used to prevent unwanted impurities from entering the chamber. The standard air filter is usually made from paper or fibre, which although has good filtration, also has high restriction to air-flow and requires periodical replacement. The Hurricane Stainless Steel filter has been specifically designed to be a direct replacement to your existing filter and to improve your engines overall performance.


Hurricane only uses the highest quality stainless steel SUS-304 directly from Japan to make our filter mesh, which has undergone extreme quality assurance testing. Using the latest technology in weaving, we are then able produce a super-fine filtering stainless steel mesh with a 60µm (micron) rating. This protects your engine from any harmful particles. It is then pleated to improve surface area and flow rate, then set in a natural rubber frame which has extreme durability in all conditions.

Hurricane Racing Co. Ltd. holds the patents for their filters frames and construction, which allow for maximum surface area and air flow for any given filter size. This allows us to provide a high air-flow filter without compromising on filtration.

Maintaining Reusable Filters

Other aftermarket filters may use cotton, sponge or foam as a filter medium, all with the aims of improving performance and being reusable. While they may do so to some extent, they are not without drawbacks.

They tend to be difficult to maintain, requiring dedicated cleaning solutions and oiling in order function properly. Some are very delicate and can be damaged easily if washed with incorrect solution or not left to dry naturally, which makes cleaning tedious and time consuming. If oil is required, too little will prevent proper filtration and too much will cause excess to potentially contaminate your MAF sensor.

The Hurricane Stainless Steel filter does not require any oiling and will not contaminate your sensors. Maintenance is simple, requiring only detergent and water to clean and can be dried manually with a blow dryer. See our guide.

27 March 2016

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