What is hurricane racing co.,ltd do ?

ANS. Hurricane Racing Co., ltd is manufacturer of air filters with over 20 years of experience inthe field, researched and developed the best air filter for the vehicles toprovide the perfect balance f filtration and air flow, allows your vehicle to increase performance .

What material is hurricane air filter made from ?

ANS. It inovated with a high technologu stainless steel wire mesh from japan.

Why should be use hurricane air filter ?

ANS. It a High performance air filter, Strong, durable, washable, stable filtration,better air flow than stock air filter.

How does hurricane air filter improve performance ?

ANS. Better air flow is the key to improve performance. it’s make engine better combustion with more oxygen, then you can feel the power.

How does hurricane air filter save fuel ?

ANS. When the engine combustion Complete. vehicle can run more mile per gallon.

How to maintain hurricane air filter ?

ANS. Hurricane air filter are the eassiest to maintain, Just use water wash , Blow dry , and it ready to use.

How hurricane air filter better than stock air filter ?

ANS. More lifetime, more Save Fuel, better air flow, Stable filtration and stronger than stock air filter.

Is hurricane air filter has better filtration than stock air filter ?

ANS. It made from high technology stainless steel wire mesh it more stable and strong than stock air filter.

How long does hurricane air filter last ?

ANS. 100,000 - 300,000 miles.

Does hurricane air filter come with Warranty ?

ANS. Yes, Hurricane air filter has 1 year warranty.

27 March 2016

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